Lumin Moisturizing Balm: The Best Moisturizer for the Faces of Men

Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm For Men

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The greatest moisturizer built for men. Specifically formulated to target dullness, lifeless complexion & dehydration that point to a man that isn't at the top of his game.

Moisturizer is the foundation of any skincare routine (that’s why it’s included in all of our sets).

Dehydration, sun damage, shaving irritation, pollution damage, weakened skin barrier

Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Protects the fragile skin barrier and balances oil production by closely mimicking skin’s natural oils

Apple Extract - Prevents skin damage and reduces aging signs with a high concentration of Vitamin C

Ginger Extract - Helps to fight free radicals that age you prematurely and even out skin tone with hyper-effective antioxidants

Who can use your products?                                       

Our products are designed for all men - regardless of race, skin type or age. However, we actually have many female members who prefer our products because of its superior product quality.

How long does it take to notice results?                   

There are 7 skin layers and they tend to recycle every 28 days. Although majority of our members see improvements within weeks, we recommend at least 28 days of usage before calling the shots. Consistency is key!

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. All of our products are 100% cruelty free.


Where can I see a list of all ingredients?

How do I cancel my subscription?

We would be extremely sad to see you go (we truly mean that), and would love to get your feedback before you leave. You can access your account portal here.

I am new to skincare, where do I start?

We are glad to have you onboard! We get it. It can be hard to pinpoint what's best for your skin, so we recommend reaching out to our expert team with some questions. They'll walk you through the process with personalized recommendations if you email us at!

I am having a negative experience with your products, what do I do?

Please immediately stop usage of the product and reach out to our expert team to figure out the issue. While we are confident that you'll love our products, we understand that products can react different according to the user. We'll make it right!

Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm for Men
Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm for Men

Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm for Men

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Products that you receive may vary according to your age bracket & skin type to optimize results.