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Six Reasons Why Men Love Lumin

Here’s why men are trying and sticking with this new system over other skincare products on the market:

Six Reasons Why Men Love Lumin

Here’s why men are trying and sticking with this new system over other skincare products on the market:

reason 1
Your soap is damaging your face and your lotion isn’t cutting it.

Your daily habits are damaging and aging your skin. Soap is great for a post-workout scrub down, but it has no place on your face. Soap dries skin out, upsets pH balance and can cause long term skin damage. Your typical off-the-shelf lotions are designed to be used for your body. Even the “moisturizer” that you can get at the store lacks the special ingredients & nutrients that will make the difference on your face. A high quality cleanser and moisturizer can safely clean and properly hydrate your face. Save the stuff from your local store for the rest of your body!

reason 2
Real results can come in as early as a week

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Lumin’s moisturizing balm contains only the best quality ingredients, and it shows: 89% of guys felt 24-hour hydration after applying once, and 82% saw fewer fine lines in 28 days. For those new 
to skin care, you can see results in as early as a week

reason 3
The highest quality products in the world.

South Korea is the Mecca of skincare, with 200 manufacturers supplying 20k+ brands, scientists are consistently breaking ground in skincare science. The K-Beauty wave has hit the women’s cosmetics market, 
but men’s products are far behind. The Lumin team goes directly to world’s best manufacturers to bring you products worth $250 at 1/5th the price by shipping them directly to your door.

reason 4
You buy a skin care routine, 
not an individual product

Lumin sells “Routine Sets” of 3 products that are designed for common skin profiles. That’s because 1 product can’t possibly completely take care of your skin. It’s like working out any body part, you need different exercises to have a complete workout. Don’t worry about researching things like exfoliation, pH balance, or the right amount of hydration. Just pick your set, use it and let the good looks start coming in.

reason 5
Every face is unique. Your products should be too.

Dark Circles? Wrinkles? Acne Scars? Dry Skin? Dull Skin? Lumin doesn’t just help you pick the right set of products, they also personalize each product in a set to your age and skin profile, in just a few clicks.

reason 6
Try a full month supply, for FREE.

Still not sure? Lumin is so confident that their products will improve your skin (and your life!) that they’ll send you your first month’s supply for free. (Be careful, some companies have trials that last only a few days) They’ll also put a free sample of a new product into every box you order, so you can try something new while you’re at it.

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How our Free Trial Works!

It’s actually a no commitment free trial!
But here is how it works just in case:
Try your first month of products on us. If you’re not loving the experience, cancel your subscription at anytime in your account settings during your trial.
If you choose to not cancel, in 30 days, we’ll ship you a new larger, subscription box for $48 (a 20% discount to retail price!). Your box will be shipped and billed every 2 months.
You can delay an order, add/remove products to your box at any time

It's a Sample Box, not a Subscription.

But here's how it works just in case:
Try a reduced, 1-month supply of products on us.
Develop a new nightly ritual.
Witness your face get smoother.
Commence the journey to new lifelong habits.
When you're ready, just head back and shop your favorite products.
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How Our Free Trial Works!

Classic Maintenance

Day 1 - Trial

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  • 1-Month* size supply of our Classic Maintenance Set
  • Cancel anytime

Day 30 & Onward - Subscription

  • billed every 2 months (20% off retail price!)
  • 2-Month* size supply shipments of our Classic Maintenance Set every 2 months
  • Cancel, delay, or edit anytime
*Note: Day 1 trial sizes are smaller and designed to last 1 month. Starting on day 30 and forward all renewal sizes will be larger and last 2 months each.
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