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Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Essentials

Why men around the globe are ditching harmful, paraben-filled bathroom products and upgrading to a new, safer routine. Enhance your morning shower routine with Lumin’s Modern Bathroom Set.

Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Essentials

Why men around the globe are ditching harmful, paraben-filled bathroom products and upgrading to a new, safer routine. Enhance your morning shower routine with Lumin’s Modern Bathroom Set.

reason 1
Your soap is damaging your face and your lotion isn’t cutting it.

Your daily habits might be damaging and aging your skin. Soap is great for a post-workout body scrub down, but it has no place on your face. It dries out the skin, upsets the pH balance, and can cause long term skin damage. Typical off-the-shelf lotions are also designed for the skin on your body. Even the moisturizer you can get at the drugstore often lacks important ingredients and nutrients that make the difference on your face. Be sure to use a high-quality cleanser AND moisturizer to safely clean and properly hydrate your face. Stop using inferior off-the-shelf products, and start giving your body the ingredients and quality it deserves.

reason 2
Harsh drugstore products can accelerate hair loss.

Similarly, those harsh and harmful drugstore shampoos and conditioners can ruin your hair. That’s where we step in with our Keratin Recovery products, made to cleanse, hydrate, and strengthen your hair. Naturally formulated 
with tea tree oil and green tea extract to help fight oil buildup and hair damage while remaining extra-gentle on your scalp. Both our shampoo and conditioner use Keratin to strengthen your hair follicles, making for a fuller-looking head of hair.

reason 3
Body acne? Ashy skin? 
There’s a reason for that.

Use a body wash to clean between your head and feet, but avoid processed chemicals like preservatives and detergents. Using harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation and strip your body of natural moisture, leaving you ashy and dry. Our Clarifying Body Wash uses natural ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera to help clean out your pores and help with the appearance of body acne, all while leaving a fresh scent.

reason 4
Feel the difference when you source from the best

South Korea is the epicenter of premium skincare, with 200 manufacturers supplying 20k+ brands, scientists are consistently breaking ground in skincare science. The K-Beauty wave has hit the women’s cosmetics market, but men’s products are far behind. The Lumin team goes directly to the world's best manufacturers to bring you products worth $250 at 1/5th the price by shipping them directly to your door.

reason 5
You’ll never need to 
shop anywhere else for 
your shower essentials

Why mix and match products when you can get everything you need in one place. Our Modern Bathroom Set contains the skin, hair, and body essentials you need for a full-body experience. From bacne to skin hydration, hair loss to follicle strengthening - we’ve got you covered. Stay true to your routine and see results in as little as one month of use.

reason 6
All your shower needs 
covered for FREE.

We’re so confident you’ll see positive results in your first month, we’re giving you 30 days worth of products for FREE. Start your free trial of the Modern Bathroom Set today, and see how each skin, hair, and body product can improve your skin health. Take the time to take care of yourself, and be rewarded with a healthier and happier you.

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