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Men’s health week 2020

What the Heck Is a T-Zone?

With so many things to remember when it comes to your skincare routine, it’s hard to keep track of all of the lingo. Exfoliate, hydrate, free radicals.

One of the most common terms in skincare is something that a lot of men don’t know about. We’re talking about the “T-Zone”. No, not a t-bone (although that sounds really good right now). The T-Zone is the part of your face that consists of the forehead, nose, and chin area circling the mouth.

Can you guess why it’s called the T-Zone? You guessed it! It’s because it’s shaped like the letter “F”. Okay, okay, maybe it’s shaped like a “T”. This area of the face tends to be more oily due to the higher number of oil glands there compared to the rest of your face.. Oily skin is shiny and greasier, which most people try to avoid at all costs. It’s important to remember to use a good facial cleanser and moisturizer to reduce oil buildup and improve hydration.

And there you have it! The T-Zone. Literally, you’ve had it all along…

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