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Is Sun Damage Preventable?

The simple answer is yes, sun damage is definitely preventable. But ultimately it’s up to YOU to decide how much effort you put into skin protection and prevention.

What causes sun damage?

Ultraviolet radiation is the main contributor to sun damage. While we can see and feel the sun’s light and heat, we can’t detect UV rays. This makes it easy for sun damage to remain undetected sometimes until it’s too late. Signs like wrinkles, premature aging, sunburn, and even skin cancer are indicative of sun damage. Of course it’s okay to be in the sun, but the amount of time you’re exposed and how much you protect your skin, are all factors in keeping it healthy and safe.

With the summer months approaching and the weather heating up, we all want to soak in the sun’s rays and get that IG worthy tan. In order to protect your skin, a good skincare routine is an important factor in keeping your skin feeling and looking healthy.

Here are some products we recommend to help you combat sun damage:

For those of us who are able to make it to the beach this year, make sure to bring a hat, umbrella, sunglasses, and extra layers. These are all helpful in preventing too much sun exposure. So have fun, and don’t forget safety first!

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