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For your best look ever.

Look and feel great with the perfect kit for men, curated by skincare experts, or build your own ideal regimen.

For your best look ever

Look and feel great with the perfect kit for men, curated by skincare experts, or build your own ideal regimen.


Easy to use. Fantastic ingredients. Effective treatment. Does what it says it does, and does it WELL. It’s a huge part of my skincare routine and a freakin’ game-changer. Have heart gentlemen, we can finally be beautiful too!! USE THIS PRODUCT.

Warner. D

This is my first time trying out an all out exclusively for men skin care products and let me say, I am absolutely amazed by them. It’s been about a week and honestly, my face feels and looks good.

Mario J.

Since I started using Lumin, I feel so much more confident talking to people since I know that my skin looks fresh and vital. The customer support was beyond standard and helped me personally to go through the whole ordering process.

Christian S.

I’ve been using it for three weeks, I can see the change myself and everyone around me is saying the same. Much recommended.

Mohammed J.

I had questions about which products would work best for my skin, and their customer service took the time to understand my unique skin issues, and then design a product line just for me.

Bobby S.

As a man of color, for years I’ve struggled finding a product that has given equal attention to developing a successful product for consumers of many ethnicities. After just one week, my overall skin health has changed drastically, from texture to hydration, to reduction of pore size and elimination of acne. This is by far the best multi-purpose skin care treatment I’ve ever tried.

Kyle S.

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The Essential Duo

The essential duo is every skincare expert’s recommendation and the basic foundation of good skin health. Almost all of our customers begin with the duo.

$36 (Save $9)

Moisturizing Balm
Charcoal Cleanser

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Extreme Dryness
You feel like you always need lotion on your face.
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
You feel you look older than you actually are.
Dark Circles & Eye Bags
Whether you are tired or not, your eyes say you are.
Clogged Pores & Acne Scars
Your skin needs some clean up and repair.
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? x We use this to personalize your regimen.
? x We use this to personalize your formulations.
? x We use this to personalize your formulations.
Oily Skin = shiny skin.
Dry Skin = flaky skin.
Combo Skin = some parts are dry and other are oily.
If you are unsure, the combination skin type is a safe way to go!
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“Travel with Lumin and look your best before you even land.”

American Way Magazine,
American Airlines (July 2019)

“Lumin refuels the frequent flyer face, fighting dark circles and dehydration.”

Hemispheres Magazine,
United Airlines (August 2019)

“It's just a matter of logging on to their website and allowing the experts to help you get what you need.”

Hamptons Monthly Magazine (June 2019)

You pushed it at the gym. You dressed to impress. Your hair is flawless today. So...
What have you done for your face?

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Classic Maintenance Collection
  Dark Circle Defense  
Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm
No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser

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Products that you receive may vary according to your age bracket & skin type to optimize results.